How many casinos are in Tbilisi Georgia?

There are at least 15 casinos in Tbilisi, Georgia. Most of them opened 1 to 5 years ago and offer different types of entertainment options. You can find slot machines in nearly every casino in Tbilisi, Georgia. A few of them provide full entertainment packages that include slots, classic table games, poker rooms, and card games.

The majority of Tbilisi gambling houses specialize in one or more areas:

  • Slot houses – 50 to 200 slot machines available on average
  • Sports betting – only sports betting options with TV screens and lounges
  • Poker rooms – 10 to 30 poker tables with different types of poker
  • Casinos – all entertainment options available altogether

Full-scale Casinos in Tbilisi

There are not many casinos in Tbilisi, Georgia that offer everything a person needs to have fun. Only five casinos satisfy the international entertainment standards and at the same time provide dozens of gambling activities, machines, and rooms.

Very few casinos allow you to have VIP experience. Some of them like Black Opal casino offer to book VIP casino rooms in advance with premium service features. All five casinos in Tbilisi, Georgia have status cards, loyalty programs, or rewards for club membership.

Usually, you can expect to find at least 50 slot machines in Tbilisi, while there are no casinos that can provide more than 200 machines. Additionally, most casinos can offer more than a single poker table with different types of poker such as Texas Hold’Em, Russian Poker, and 3-card and 6-card poker games. As for the Blackjack, a very few gambling facilities offer more than a single Blackjack table. High-quality casinos must provide several roulette tables including electric roulette.

Full-scale casinos feature bars, restaurants, and other leisure areas and loungers almost always. They frequently hold shows, events, and live music evenings for their guests. You will also find a lot of Jackpot and special promotional days with numerous benefits and entertainment options.

Slot Rooms in Tbilisi

Slot rooms are what the name suggests – places where you can play slot machines only. However, these are the facilities that offer most diverse slot games. You will find a lot of Play’n Go, EGT, and other major slot providers in Tbilisi. The slot rooms gaming portfolio ranges from classic to modern and exclusive slots. However, you can find a diverse portfolio with Black Opal casino, as well.

Tbilisi slot rooms do not provide restaurants or other dining options. The most you can find in these places is a bar with limited option for drinks and snacks. Also, you should not expect to see any other gambling form, such as poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, or anything else. Slot rooms are much smaller in size and they invest much less in guest service compared to full-scale casinos.

How to Choose Casinos in Tbilisi?

It depends on what style of paying you enjoy the most or what are your gambling preferences. If you are a slot enthusiast then you may be satisfied with slot rooms only. They can offer the most number of slot machines and a diverse experience of the game. However, remember that these gambling houses often lack service quality and are usually overcrowded. As their size is much smaller than those of full-scale casinos there are very few places you can find, especially during the busy hours (evenings on weekends like 19:00 – 01:00).

If you enjoy entire casino experience with a touch of luxury and high-quality service then you should definitely go for a full-scale casino. You will find a community of like minded people, as well, with many casinos featuring dress codes. Also, you can eat and drink as much as you like with many premium casinos offering free drinks and snacks at your arrival. The customer service is amazing in these places and can assist you with any inquiry you have. You can also expect different events and exciting shows at full-scale casinos.